One of the greatest needs in today’s world is for Christians to stand firm and uncompromising in the truths that we believe according to our faith. This is particularly so when we consider the moral life. More and more in our society we are finding that people and authorities with the power to legislate are tending towards enacting laws that do not reflect the full dignity of the human person. The catch-cry of the end of the Twentieth Century was “Personal freedom is virtually absolute.” In practice this meant that if we do not directly hurt someone else then we should be free to perform the act in question. We see this is the growing acceptance of same-sex relationships and the increasing individuality within society.

Eventually such trends will lead to disaster. The institution of the human family cannot survive the growing divorce rates and the growing acceptance of same-sex relationships. This will, indeed already has, result in generations who have little sense of personal responsibility and the need to be committed to certain moral truths for the good of the society. We all accept that we need a form of Law and Order to protect the common good of society. For exactly the same reason we also need to respect the moral boundaries of what it means to be a human person created in the image and likeness of God. When we lose our roots in such values society will decay to the point that it will collapse upon its own inward focus and we will all be the losers.

Christians have a moral obligation to be stewards and promoters of the truth in order to protect the dignity of the human person. This is increasingly becoming a more difficult task as our society becomes more secularized and less inclined to submit itself to its Christian heritage. To be effective Christians will have to become more and more prophetic – willing to stand apart from the crowd upon the principles they know and believe to be true. This is not an arrogant stance to take but one of faithfulness to our call!

Jesus never flinched from the truth or proclaiming it in an unwelcome environment – neither should we! The saints were willing to be considered fools for Christ – so should we! Pope John Paul II has stood courageously by the truths of the Church in the face of ridicule and contempt – so should we! Are we up to it? Only time will tell us if we are successful in this duty of ours.

How many times have I resisted the call to stand up for my faith and compromised on an issue I knew to be true?

Holy Spirit, strengthen me with a greater conviction about the truth. Place steel within my soul so that I will never waver from the truth and help me to be eloquent enough to explain the reason for what I believe to others.