It is only natural for us to wonder what will happen on judgment day. I think that if we are honest we will admit that there will be some sort of process of judgment where God and His principles will ultimately hold sway, though the particulars of how that will actually happen are unknown to us. We know it will be a fair process and we also know that God, who is full of love and mercy, will bring these attributes to bear in the process. Jesus gives us a hint that one of the critical aspects that will govern judgment is the willingness of people to repent of their sins and seek to change their lives. (C.f. of the men of Nineveh reference.) The desire and zeal with which we pursue a life of holiness and righteousness will also be a factor. (C.f. of the reference to the Queen of Sheba.) This is enough for us to have some idea that our response to the grace of God is an important aspect in the drama surrounding the question of eternal life. In other words, we place our own salvation at risk to the degree that we fail to respond to the offer of God’s grace in this life. This is why it is good for us to look up to the saints for inspiration. Their lives can serve as examples of holiness and, more to the point, practical expressions or models of what it means to seek to do God’s will here in earth in order to facilitate the process of our own salvation. The Church tells us that their salvation is ensured, however, we have yet to reach that point. We should draw strength and inspiration from the examples of their lives; and pray, hope and do our best to cooperate with God’s will at all times. It is not enough to ask for a sign to convince us that we are walking down the right path. We ourselves ought to be a sign to the world by the way that we live our lives according to the Gospel. Let us be committed to doing all that we can to be the People of God in both word and deed and so challenge others to look more seriously at their own response to God’s grace in their lives. This is what the saints are to us; and this is what we should be to the rest of contemporary society! Am I someone who tends to rely upon signs to lead me on my way to God or am I willing to be proactive about seeking God’s will? Father in Heaven, I know that you are a merciful and loving God. I also know that you are just in all that you do. Help me to respond to your love and mercy for me so that I will be better able to live a just and holy life worthy of your love.