A common feature found in many cultures still today is that of the role of the servant. They are to help the family in whatever way assistance is needed through various duties around the house. The servant is part of the family, not an addition. They are welcomed into the family as one of their own. A servant is not a slave but is of valuable assistance to those who are members within the household.

In the Gospel of John, there is a touching scene whereby Jesus at the last supper stoops down to wash the feet of the disciples. We are all familiar with the bumbling response of Peter. We notice the fraternal love of Jesus who approaches Peter to wash his feet. The Master teaches his disciples the way of love through loving service. The washing of the feet was the role the slave would attend towards the one returning from a journey. Jesus leads by example. We are to be servants of one another.  The scene is a perfect summary of the whole story of Jesus who always is for the other. Jesus himself stated that the Son of Man came to not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. Right up to the very end of Jesus’ life, even his death on the Cross,  Jesus always thought of the other person, a great act of love does he leave us all to follow.
The parable in today’s gospel illustrates to us the responsibility in our lives as servants of God. The servant fulfills his role well when he remains faithful to what he is asked from him. The servant is not a slave because he knows his masters business; but he is invited to be friend. All called to be servants of the Lord. We are his friends and he invites us into the circle of his family. We are his brothers and sisters and we now have access to God whom we can invoke as Father. What a wonderful thing it would be if we were to hear from the lips of Jesus when we do meet him, “Well done, good and faithful servant receive the reward that has awaited you since the beginning of time.” As servants we are all to be good stewards of all God have given us. All that we have is of God, All is grace and gift. We can boast of nothing but we can boast in a God who loves us and calls us to serve him in faithfulness and love. Let our response be as the servant of the household that we hear in the Gospel today.: “We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.”

Where is the Lord calling us to serve him? Where can we exercise the act of service in our daily lives?

Lord I am your servant. As Mary prayed so do I repeat those same words, “Be it done unto me according to your will”. Amen