Have you ever noticed your reaction when you are in the mall, or walking down the street, or somewhere else and you see a person you don’t like? You try and avoid that person at all costs hoping they won’t see you. Perhaps the pace of your steps are quicker, you try and disguise yourself behind your sunglasses, or you run in the opposite direction.
It’s a sad part of our human condition that there are some people in our life that we find  most difficult to love, let alone accept in our company.

The leper lived a terrible existence. They were ostracized from the community having to live remote and alone. They were to observe certain customs, namely, unkempt hair, torn garments and crying out to anyone who approached them “Unclean”. They were a  disgrace unto themselves and to their family. If anyone was to be in contact with the leper they were also seen excluded from the Temple worship.

Luke narrates a story of the 10 lepers that approached Jesus. Actually they met him at a distance because of the observances required. They were bold enough to come this far towards Jesus. They were aware that Jesus could perhaps reject them but they called out to him for pity upon their miserable lives. Aware they were rejected by others, they thought to themselves, would Jesus do the same? Yet Jesus goes beyond the cultural understanding of the day and speaks the word of healing to them. Remarkably, as they go on their way they are noticeably healed. We are told that one of them, filled with gratitude approaches Jesus, kneeling at his feet in worship and praise. This leper, we are told by Luke, happens to be a Samaritan. Samaritans and Jews do not get on well with each other. They are seen as ceremonially unclean by the Jews. Yet the leper goes beyond this barrier to accept Jesus in gratitude.

Many times the Lord does wonderful things for us, he heals us, he answers our prayers, and he assists us in our need. Are we like the leper who has the attitude of gratitude or are we like the other nine who forget and ignore the blessings the Lord has poured upon our lives? It is a wonderful experience to be appreciated. We all have this need within us to be acknowledged and appreciated. How often we have been hurt if when we have assisted another and have not been thanked. This can wound us in a variety of ways.
If we feel this way, imagine the way God must feel for the many times we neglect to thank the Lord. Let us seek to develop an attitude of gratitude. Let our lives be a witness to others that we are a people who delight in a God of blessings.

Am I thankful to the Lord? Do I take time to give thanks to the Lord on a daily basis or do I go throughout my day ignorant and forgetful of a God who gives me many blessings?

Lord, I thank you, I praise you and I worship you. Give me the grace to be thankful for all that you have given me. Amen