There is a somewhat tongue in cheek description of a good Catholic being someone who prays, pays and obeys. To a certain extent this is true, however, we would not want to get into the position by which these three aspects of a Catholic’s life are the only ones by which we measure their righteousness. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Peter not to worry about the plans that He has for John. What is important is that he, Peter, is faithful to what God wants of him.

Herein lies a fundamental truth, namely, the first priority of our lives is obedience to God’s will, not checking whether or not others are doing what God is asking of them or even comparing our call with that of another person. Each of us are individuals and God has a particular plane for each person that will maximize their experience of His love if they are willing to follow it.

It may seem that God has favorites and even if that was the case, there is nothing that we could do about it. The situation would remain the same – God’s will for my life would not change and nor would His will for anybody else! There are some things that are totally pointless to worry about. One of them is trying to change things that are beyond the scope of our power to change. It can be an interesting experience to watch someone try to convince God that He has got it wrong. I do not think I need to tell you who will win the argument! This is precisely why the third aspect of the definition we opened our reflection with is completely true. It is a waste of our time to try to alter God’s will for our lives. It will be much better and less painful to accept what He tells us and get on with it.

It can be a sin to delay obedience to God’s will! If we are just wasting our time and God’s as well, then our response has turned to disobedience and we need to repent of our sin. We are letting down everyone who is working for the Kingdom of God when we do not promptly obey God’s will for our lives.

Do I tend to be tardy in my obedience to God and others who have authority in my life? What can I do to try to grow in my willingness to submit my life to God’s perfect will?

Jesus, you never doubted that your Father’s will was the right thing for you to do. You were prompt in obedience every time. Help me by your grace to be as obedient as you were here on earth.