Following on from yesterday’s reflection I would like to ask the question as to what the nature of the so-called ‘right to bear arms’ amendment of the Constitution really means. It was passed over 200 years ago when the was no such thing as an ammunition clip capable of holding tens of rounds of ammunition. It applied at a time when you had guns that shot once and then you had to virtually stop and reload them before firing again. I would like to see someone make the argument that that is all that the amendment applies to and thus all the modern military arsenals that individuals can easily acquire would then be pout out of reach of the citizen. Modern weapons are designed as assault weapons and not for defensive purposes. I am sure the intention of the ‘right to bear arms’ amendment had defensive measures in mind, not attacking ones. And if it is the latter, then the amendment is about as immoral as one possibly could be!


In the Gospel today Jesus reaches out to catch Jesus from sinking into the water as his faith wavered. My faith in the humanity of the US Constitution’s amendment relating to the right to bear arms has totally disappeared – not even Jesus could resurrect it. My faith in the politicians to act responsibly is not far behind and can be redeemed only if they act quickly (by the time you are reading this all assault weapons should be outlawed) and decisively. Without such action no politician in the US can claim to hold the moral ground. If such a measure is defeated on the floor of the houses then at least we, the people will know who are the politicians who need to be thrown out at the next election! There are no more excuses available to anyone on this matter anymore.


Jesus never compromises the truth in his ministry. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo. He is not concerned with popularity or what others may think of him. He only knows what he must to do to be faithful to his Father’s will and to the truth.Let us all pray that we will be as committed to a life of holiness and grace as Jesus was.


Jesus, you never contemplated acting against the truth or dignity of a human person, ever. Help me to understand what the dignity of each human person demands of me so that I will always be faithful to protecting and promoting it in my life.