Unlike most of the apostles, we have can make some assumptions on the life of Andrew. He is the brother of Simon, later named Peter. He was a fisherman like his brother and lived Galilee. He was a disciple of John the Baptist. He brings the two fish to Jesus in response to Jesus’ quiz at feeding the multitudes.
It is not hard to notice that Andrew is an evangelist. He is the one who leads Peter to Jesus. It was to Andrew that we owe the visitation of the Greeks. Some Greeks came to him to enquire about Jesus. Right from the very start of Jesus public ministry, he had a glimpse of who he was. He was curious to know more about Jesus. Upon asking Jesus where he lived, Jesus invited him to come and see. Andrew and his companion stayed with Jesus for the rest of that day. Who knows what exchange went on in those hours?
In today’s Gospel we read that Jesus was, watching them cast their nets before he called out to them. This watchful gaze of the Lord pierces the heart of men when they notice and hear the calling given them. What is amazing is their immediacy in following Jesus. Perhaps in his heart Andrew knew it would only be a matter of time before the Lord would capture his heart. They left everything to follow him. I would imagine that Andrew touched by his first encounter with Jesus would have found it easy to leave his nets to follow Jesus.
The response of Andrew is an example for us. He left everything and followed the Lord. A simple fisherman, yet his heart set upon the Lord and his call for his life. Too many times, we cast our nets into empty waters. Is the Lord calling you to cast a glance his way and follow him? Maybe you are casting your net in the wrong direction. Ask the Lord and he will guide your ways to good purpose. Then you will be fishers of men

Are we willing to let go and let God take over our lives?

Lord, thank you for calling me to be a fisher of men .Amen