In the First Reading we see the result of Daniel’s faith when compared with the lack of faith, even bad faith of his accusers. For Daniel the lions mouths are sealed and he is safe in their presence; for his accusers and even their families, the lions are a deadly encounter!

The story of Daniel is similar to that of Joseph where he is able to read a message for a pagan king and is thus entrusted with a role of governance in the land. Daniel is not afraid to speak the truth to the king even though his interpretation of the words written on the wall would not really be one that the king welcomes. I believe it is Daniel’s commitment to the truth that God honors. It is a lesson to us all to seek the truth at all times and never to settle for anything less than the best – truth above all other temptations.

Many of the problems of the world today could be avoided if people in general were willing to submit their lives to the truth and live within their means and according to the commandments of God. The financial difficulties many face are a result of them failing to accept the truth that they have limited finances and means. They may not like this but not liking it does not mean it is not true and nor does it mean that it is going to go away! Many other problems in today’s world are a direct result of sin! That is, if we would live according to the commandments of God, and abide by the truth of human nature, many other difficulties in our lives would simply disappear. For example, faithfulness in marriage and taking responsibility for the choices we make in relationships would help turn around the horrific statistics of broken families and the subsequent child abuse.

God has given us a natural law within our beings that guides us to right-acting. Let us listen to what we know to be right because the voice of our conscience awakens us to this truth. This is the voice of God guiding us in his ways and protecting us from evil.

Do I listen to the voice of my conscience when making decisions? Have I taken the responsibility to form my conscience seriously?

Holy Spirit, open my heart to the truth of who I am as a person created in your image and likeness. Let me know y=this truth and thus avoid the lies of the world.