One of the main themes that we see throughout the Book of Daniel is that of God’s sovereignty. This is the theme of the story of the first reading today.

The king is having an elaborate party with his friends. The party had many guests, officials of the Kingdom. Food and alcohol has no limits. It was a party for the richest and finest of the Kingdom. While under the influence of alcohol, they revel in sacrilegious ritual. The temple’s finery of vessels are handed over to the people. As they begin to drink from the costly vessels stolen from the temple in Jerusalem, they notice a strange sight. The fingers of a hand appear writing on the wall in view of them all to see. This sight shakes the king into disarray. He does not understand the writing but he has some kind of feeling that it is not good. He calls upon his sages to interpret the writing. None of them can interpret.

Daniel the wise interpreter of the king comes into his presence and begins to decipher the writing before them on the wall. The writing reveals measures of weight and monies. The King is weighed against the standards of God and is seen as abominable in the sight of God. God appears in the form of a hand to hand down the judgment to the King. God is the righteous king and would have no one underestimate his authority and power. Jesus states in the gospel that by the finger of God Satan is cast out. Evil had no place in the kingdom of God. God will not tolerate absurd and idolatrous worship.

We must be very careful the way we act. God will not tolerate behavior that is opposed to his commandments. All of us are to give an account of what we have done in service to the Lord and keeping his commandments. We must respect things that are of God. We need to develop a reverence for the holy. Jesus is present in every tabernacle and awaits our adoration. At mass we must prepare well for what we are to receive in communion. In our daily lives, we must treat one another with utmost respect and dignity for we are have the sacred presence within.


Let us examine our conscience again this day and seek to reverence the Lord who is among us.


God, all powerful Father, we adore you and reverence your presence in our lives amen