The Temple is a place of worship, a place where the people were supposed to focus upon their lives of faith. It is not a market place! Jesus is rightly disgusted with the attitude of the people. It is totally unacceptable to turn the house of God into a place of money making and commerce. Before we get too judgmental, let us make sure that we cannot be accused of the same faults, or even similar ones to those of the Jews in the time of Jesus.

I wonder what sort of respect we all pay to the Blessed Sacrament. Mother Teresa taught me something about the respect we should all have for the Blessed Sacrament without saying a word. She arrived to speak at the Cathedral in Canberra and walked straight past all the dignitaries gathered and towards the Blessed Sacrament where she genuflected, said a short prayer, and then returned to greet those gathered. What she has said with her actions is that Jesus is the most important person in the Church! It is he whom we should greet and we should never forget to pay our respects to him every time we enter a Church.

If the Blessed Sacrament is absent from a Church or Chapel we should make a solemn bow to the crucifix. If even a cross or crucifix is absent then the place has no business to call itself a chapel or Church. If the Blessed Sacrament is present in the tabernacle and not exposed for adoration, then the correct sign of respect is to genuflect in the direction of the tabernacle. If the Blessed =Sacrament is exposed for adoration, then the correct sign of respect is a double genuflection, that is get down on both knees, in honor of the Lord’s presence. If you cannot genuflect for one reason or another, then a bow will suffice.

This is the minimal sign of respect we should demonstrate to God in a Church. Better still if one can actually stop for a few moments to pray as well. We should also respect the Scriptures as the Word of God and not treat the book just like another novel or magazine. We should care for it as a sign of our respect for the Word of God in our lives.

How do I fare in giving respect to Jesus in the way I enter Churches and treat my bible? Do I need to improve on anything here”

Holy Spirit, help me to deepen in my love and respect for Jesus in the little things so that when important ones arise I will naturally move in eth right spirit.