I can really sympathize with Zacchaeus. I am a short man myself and often find it difficulty looking over the crowd! He has a good idea. In order to catch a glimpse of this Jesus Zacchaeus decides to climb a sycamore tree. Can you imagine a short, fat man climbing sycamore tree? The sycamore was a sturdy tree found on the roadsides for its shady branches, 30-40 feet high. It must have been quite a sight that day in Jericho! In a humorous way, Luke tells us that he was trying to see what Jesus looked like.

Jesus was passing by and Zacchaeus did not want the opportunity to pass. He had heard of Jesus fame for it had spread through the countryside. Now the chance had come for Zacchaeus to meet the Lord. Luke informs us that Zacchaeus was wealthy man. He was the chief tax collector, despised by his fellow Jews for his corruption since he sided with the Romans. Today was going to be fortunate for short Zacchaeus. Jesus asked to stay at his house. The response of the chief tax collector is amazing. He hurriedly descends and at once welcomes his guest to the house.

Zacchaeus reconsidered, and Luke narrates a conversion going on in his heart. At the murmuring offences of the crowd, Zacchaeus made a stand. He gives half of his belongings to the poor and a fourfold payback to whomever experienced deprivation by his position as chief tax collector. Something happened! Zacchaeus came to his senses. He welcomes Jesus into his home, welcoming the gift of salvation. He repents of his injustice and is found by the Lord. Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Do you want to see Jesus? Zacchaeus did not realize he was the one being sought after by the Lord. Jesus is always searching for the lost. He is Savior and desires that we have life forever. We may not have to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus. In fact, Jesus is right here in our midst. As we meet the lord, something happens. We realize that we are loved and accepted. We are forgiven and given the chance to repent and live again. Jesus has saved you.


What is it that stops you from receiving Jesus into to your life?


Lord, I repent of my sin and welcome you into my home. Amen