One can imagine the joy the blind beggar experiences at having his sight restored. Many people would have passed this beggar- as we do so often in our own city streets. Blind beggars are a common sight to us as they were in the days of Jesus. Sometimes we might feel obliged, or out of pity to give a few coins or some food to those who we see day after day. For the blind man of Jericho today was a fresh beginning to the rest of his life.
In a beautiful way, Luke informs us that Jesus stopped and asked that the man be brought to him. The first thing that Jesus does is ask him a question, “What do you want me to do for you?” The reply is obvious, “Lord I want to see”. The blind beggar had enough of this lifestyle. Imagine the shame and embarrassment of having to beg at the side of the road. His life must have been one of constant rejection, he was outcast thrown on the edges of society. He must have heard of Jesus, the miracle worker, the teacher, the Rabbi. He makes his own mind. For him, Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of David. Like the widow in the Gospel, we see the persistence of the beggar. He would not allow the voices to drown his calling out to the Lord. His cry for mercy reached the ears of Jesus. The faith of the man touches the heart of Jesus. By his faith, the man receives his sight. His immediate response when receiving his sight is to follow Jesus. He becomes a disciple of the Son of David.
We too must cry out for the Lord for his mercy. We are beggars on the outer seeking a place within the heart of Jesus. As we cry out many will silence us. This must not be a cause for disappointment but with renewed vigor and faith continue to cry out to the Lord.
We too are blind through our sin. We need the Lord to restore our sight so that we see him again. Perhaps we have lost sight of the Lord. We have become blind to his presence in our lives. The blind beggar was never the same. He met Jesus on the road and Jesus met the deepest need within his heart. The blind man could see again and with renewed sight, he followed the Lord.

Is there anything that blinds you from the presence of the Lord?

Lord, I want to see. Amen