In his quest for wisdom, Solomon gives us a very poetic account of the nature of wisdom. She is similar to that of the pagan goddess of wisdom, Isis. He seeks to intertwine the Greek wisdom with that of the Hebrew understanding of the Logos, the Word, being the personification of wisdom. Some have understood wisdom as the spirit. Notice that wisdom is absolute perfection in the real sense since there are seven qualities of the nature our wisdom, in groups of three> seven was the perfect number in and three being the divine number in Hebrew thought.
Wisdom is personified as spirit, in other ways, Justice or Word. Certain characteristics are mentioned; intelligent, holy unique, manifold unstained, certain, clear, not baneful, loving good, keen, unhampered, beneficent, kindly, secure, firm, tranquil, all powerful, all seeing and all pervading. It seems we could be almost describing a person with such qualities.
Wisdom is described in feminine form as the one whom reflects the purity of God, the aura of God, the spotless mirror of the power of God. Her work involved masking friends of God and prophets. God loves the one whom she has possessed. She is light eternal, renews all things, and passes into souls in every generation.
I this mediation of wisdom one can almost see parallels with the sequence given to us at Pentecost by the Church. In the sequence of Pentecost, the Church puts upon our lips the invocation of the Holy Spirit. Shed you ray of light divine…the souls welcome guest…our inmost being fill…heal our wounds, our strength renew…guide the steps that go away.
The sages of old gave practical advice on living. They were men and women of wisdom, aged with experience and powerful in their insight. Let us invoke these women and men of old that we too would be filled with wisdom.  Let us act wisely in our life for in this we shall find Gods favor.

Pray for the gift of wisdom

Lord, grant me wisdom of heart that I my please you all my life. Amen