I can remember times as a kid when I had done something wrong that I would do everything in my power to try to cover up the fact that I had been involved in the act. The anxiety over the wrong kept growing and I would often wonder whether or not it was really worth it! The guilt over the act would sometimes raise its ugly head years later!

I also remember a particular incident at school where virtually the whole of a number of classes gathered in a single place were talking away and making a lot of noise even though we were told that we were to be silent. One of the teachers eventually quieted us all down and then asked those who were talking to stand and come out the front. I remember thinking that this was a pretty silly request as she knew that nearly everyone, if not all of us were talking.

However, myself and about half a dozen others decided that it was pretty safe to stand up and own up to the fact that we were talking. After all, what was she going to do to us as everyone was talking? The amazing result was that we were commended for our truthfulness and sent out into the playground to play while everyone else was kept inside as punishment for the lunch hour. I was tempted to think that here was an example of where crime does pay but that is not the case. What we have here is an example of the truth setting us free.

I learnt from this even t that it is better to be honest about something and get it out in the open as then we are freed from any power that the darkness of sin may have had if I tried to keep the act hidden. The truth has the power to set us free whereas lies only bind us up in the darkness of sin. This observation was further strengthened when I came into a deeper conversion experience with God.

Number one: God sees everything anyway so what is the point of trying to hide our sin from Him in the first place! Number two: Sin thrives in the darkness of the unknown and the untruthful. It is much better to bring an event into the light and cancel this negative influence of sin. Number three: It is much easier to repair any wrong done if we bring our sin out into the open. Number four: The grace of God works far more effectively in my life if I live in the light of my faith in Jesus Christ, rather than in the darkness of unbelief controlled by sin.

Do I try to hide my sin from others and even from God?

Lord Jesus, help me to live in the light of the truth of my salvation through faith in you. Let my life be a beacon of truth and light for others to see the beauty of life lived in accordance with your will and your Word.