I think it is usually the goal of any apprentice to become as good as his mentor or master, and in the world this is possible. However, it is not possible when it comes to our spiritual lives. The Vatican Document, Gaudium et Spes reminds us that in the person of Jesus humanity can see all that it is meant to be – Jesus Christ reveals man to himself. This truth is the foundational truth of discipleship – the truth that tells us that we will never surpass our Lord and Master. However, God is so generous that he calls us to be one with Jesus and in a somewhat oblique sense this gives us equality with Jesus in that true faith in him makes us sons and daughters of the Father, receiving the heritage owed only to Jesus.

Scientists and academics do well to remember that we will not be able to surpass the wisdom and knowledge of God. We will never be able to create life per se, manipulate it, yes, but create it from nothing, a resounding, No! If we want to study the things that are going to most benefit life and love let us look at the program that Jesus sets before us in his life and ministry. Let us seek to place our lives, and all of the gifts God has given us at the service of humanity, and in particular those least able to speak and care for themselves. Too often the world is concerned with serving the rich and powerful with a quid pro quo attitude behind such service. Jesus specifically tells us that we should seek to serve those who cannot repay us, not those who can! This is what true love and generosity is all about.

As we seek to grow in discipleship, let us open our lives to the grace of the Spirit who will lead us in the footsteps of the Master and thus make our lives ones of sacrifice to the Father in imitation of Jesus. It is only when we give ourselves over to the will of God that the fullness of who we are is free to shine and to be experienced by others and the world. It is only then that we will truly offer all that we can to build the Kingdom of God and be an instrument of that Kingdom to the best of our ability.

What is more important to me: my desires or the will of God? This is a simple question that if answered honestly will have great consequences for the work of God’s Kingdom.

Holy Spirit, grant me the grace to recognise that the fullness of life is available to me if and only if I live according to God’s will in my life.