Gal 3: 7-14 when Paul talks about the ‘curse of the law’ he is referring to an incorrect understanding of the law that leads to the belief that salvation comes through our own capacity to achieve what the law demands of us. Even if we can do that, this is no guarantee of salvation! Salvation is rightly understood as ‘the gift of God’ to those who have faith in him. It is by faith that we are saved. The law is a guide to the way we should live as men and women of faith.

Father in Heaven, help me to understand the roles of faith and obedience to the law in the correct way as I seek to follow the way of Jesus in my life.

Lk 11: 15-26 There is no place for compromise in our lives as Christians. By this I mean no room for compromise as to what the demands of the Gospel are in truth. The truths of the moral life are not open to discussion in terms of whether or not they are true. The ‘job’ that each of us has is to discern how to apply them to our particular situation. People’ circumstances differ so applications may differ, but the fundamental truths remain immutable.

Holy Spirit, help me to be formed by the truth of the gospel so that in all that I do and say I will be following them in my life.