Is 35: 1-10 God can bring fruitfulness out of barrenness. Just think of what it was like before you hade a personal faith in him and compare it to now! Nothing is impossible for God if we are willing to trust him with our lives. Learning to entrust our lives to God is a life-long occupation as we will constantly discover new challenges and obstacles to this task. Let us never be daunted; let us never give up; let us also be ready and willing to learn the next lesson of faith.

Jesus, give me a teachable heart so that I will always be open to the next lesson I have to learn in order to walk as your disciple.

Lk 5: 17-26  to be overcome by a person of faith! If you really want to meet a person you will be willing to take the roof of a house in order to accomplish your goal! Let us hope that we never have to do this in order to move forward in our faith, but I think you get what I mean by this. If we are going to give up when the going gets tough then we will not be found fit for the Kingdom of God. It is as simple as that.

Holy Spirit, make sure that ‘giving up’ is never an option and not even a part of my vocabulary when it comes to my faith walk with Jesus.