There is no doubt that Jesus was not interested in compromising the Gospel as He preached it to the people. Jesus never places concern for reputations above the truth. Nor does He hold back when the truth needs to be spoken. Not to speak against something we know to be wrong is to give our approval to it in a tacit manner – as the lawyers are fond of saying, “Silence is acquiescence!” It is important to remember this as today more than ever before there are multitudes of false doctrines and untruths being propagated in the name of religion and even in the name of the Church.  It is our duty as Christians to speak against untruth in love and by the example of our lives seek to win people over to the Gospel and the path of truth and love.

Jesus reminds the Jewish people of a shameful event in their history when it was a foreigner who was healed of leprosy and not any of the many Jews who suffered from the same condition. It was also a foreigner who was miraculously provided with food while there were many experiencing famine in Israel. The implication of Jesus’ words is that the present generation of Jews is similarly out of favor with God because of their sins and lack of faith. Naturally, this implicit suggestion enrages them and they look to the means to kill Jesus.

Jesus takes this position as He experiences a lack of faith as He proclaims the Gospel to them. I think He hoped that this sort of a challenge might spark a deeper faith and thus a deeper acceptance of the Good News He is trying to proclaim to them. Perhaps it backfired on Him this time but ultimately the truth will always win through. If we tolerate untruth or second-rate faith in our lives it will eventually become the norm for us and we will lose touch with both the truth and fullness of happiness that the Gospel can offer us.

Jesus makes it clear that He is not going to compromise His message out of fear of what others will think of Him or try to do to Him. The same must be true for us! We are Christians living in a hostile world and if we want to be victorious in our lives over sin then we must take an uncompromising stand for the Gospel and against sin at every possible opportunity.

Are there areas in my life that I am compromising the Gospel? If so, what am I going to do about it?

Lord Jesus, you are the only way to the Father and the words that you speak are words of everlasting life. I pray for the grace to be committed to them and thus the truth in an uncompromising way so that my life will truly reflect the Good News to the world.