Jas 5: 13-20 we never stand alone when we have faith. Whether it is in good times or bad, we always stand as the community of the faithful, the Church, when we confront the various events of our lives. Our challenge, as always, is to trust that whatever happens, God will have his hand in there somewhere. Even when we make the wrong decisions or are suffering, God is at work drawing us closer to him in one way or another.

 Jesus, help me to learn to trust in you more and more each day, and especially in the times when you seem to be furthest from me.

 Mk 10: 13-16 Jesus wants us to know that we are never too young to come to him. It is not a matter of how wise or strong we may be but that we want to be with Jesus that matters. This is the message of the Gospel today. Let us always seek to be open to the work of the holy Spirit who draws and attracts us to the way of discipleship. He is always fighting against the various attractions of the world that are more immediate and palpable. Let us be extra vigilant to the voice of the Spirit in our lives.

 Jesus, help me to be better able to discern your voice and that of the Holy Spirit from all the voices the world produces. I want to follow you!