Moses seems to be very accepting that he is not going to have the privilege or honour of leading the Chosen People into the Promised Land. He knows that in part he has failed God when he repeatedly hit the rock with his staff to draw forth water; however, such a ‘punishment’ seems to be too great for so little a misdemeanor! Yet, there is still a lesson for us here. The author(s) of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible wants us to know that for all people God has a particular plan and that it ought to be enough that we accomplish that and not set our hearts and eyes on achieving those goals that are not a part of God’s plan for us!

Despite not being able to set foot in the Promised Land after a 40 year journey through the desert, Moses is content enough to know that he has brought the Chosen People this far! After all, this is an achievement in itself! When we seek out God’s will for our lives it is important that we seek His mind for our lives and not just our own dreams. While our dreams may be good, what God wants will always be better in the long term. It is useless to be a member of a team and to spend all of your time completing other peoples’ jobs as in the end it will be your undone job that will let down the entire team!

Let us join with Ignatius Loyola in praying for the grace that the love and will of God will be enough for us – it is not a matter of achieving greatness in the eyes of the world, but being obedient to the will of God that will bring us to the gift of eternal life. We can be sure that God has a role for us to play and equally sure that He will give us the necessary grace to accomplish it. This is all we need to do to be able to stand before God with a peaceful heart and mind on judgment day. Oh, for the grace to stand before God and say with deep conviction, “I have done all you asked me to do.” Or in the words of Jesus, “It is accomplished.”

Am I aware of anything God has asked me to do that I have not done? Why haven’t I done it? Is it possible for me to rectify this situation now?

Holy Spirit, keep me walking upon the narrow path that leads to God. Help me to avoid the temptation to stray from the path of God’s will and thus bear much fruit for the Kingdom of heaven.