There is an extremely important principle placed before us in today’s First Reading. In reference to both Elijah and Elisha the author of Ecclesiasticus reminds us that the allegiance of these two men was with God and not to any earthly ruler. This does not mean we must always stand in opposition to the governments and powers of the world, only when they are in opposition to the will of God. All Christians must be willing to find their voice, the voice of truth and love, when confronted with sin and injustice!

Evil prospers in this world and in the midst of our lives only to the extent that we are willing to allow it. Apathy and neglect are two of the major sins of our age and we as Christians must be willing to address them directly and say, “Enough is enough! I will not stand for these injustices any longer!” No! I am not advocating that we take up arms against unjust rulers or governments. If we all, and this is a big ‘if’ stand firm on the truth of the Gospel message, I believe governments and earthly powers will soon get the message that we are serious about demanding righteousness and justice in our nations. The problem here is that too many of us are apathetic and willing to allow the status quo to prevail because we do not want to be bothered with the effort of bringing about change. This is not the way of Jesus!

As Christians, we have a duty and responsibility to seek justice and truth no matter what the cost may be to ourselves in the process. When we reflect upon the lives of men such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many others we can see men driven by a longing for justice and truth. We also see men committed to a peaceful means to attain their goal. Revolutions do not have to have physical violence associated with them to be successful. However, they will require all who take them up to do violence to their own wills and fight the apathy and sin within in order to promote righteousness and justice with a clear mind, heart and conscience.

This is exactly what Jesus did, and as his followers, it is exactly how we must live if we are going to be faithful to the Gospel and faithful to our professed faith in him.

What is the apathy I have to address in my life? How can I best do this in order to be more faithful to the Gospel?

Jesus, help me to experience your hatred for sin and injustice. Help me also to work against these things in today’s world.