It is a little scary to think that much could be expected of us if we have received much from the Lord. However, there is the same expectation in the eyes of the world as well and thus it seems that we ought to expect such a responsibility. When we consider that salvation is a gift given to us by God it is important to realize that with a gift always goes gratitude. I can remember as a child that after my birthday my mother would remind me to write thank you cards to all those who had given me gifts, particularly my grandparents! Others I could thank personally, but to them I had to write as they lived in another state and I rarely saw them personally on my birthday.

Gratitude helps us keep the correct perspective in our relationship with God in that if we lose sight of it our relationship can turn into one of presumption in God’s goodness that is very unhealthy. Gratitude helps us to recognize that the gifts of God in our lives require a response from us. This expresses our knowledge that we are unworthy of the gifts but also frames our thankfulness that God has chosen to be so generous with us. Gratitude is essential to our relationship with God as it keeps us mindful that we are the unworthy recipient and God is the generous instigator in every situation.

Holiness does not necessarily have to be expressed in long hours in prayer. It can be a simple act of gratitude for the generosity of God to us. It can be a simple act of service to others in recognition that if God has chosen to serve us then we too should be making choices to serve others in whatever way we can. Service of others is a sign that we are grateful for what we have been given and, are willing to share it with those who have less than we do. It is good to foster a spirit of generosity in this sense as it will both feed back into our gratitude to God and also help us to grow in holiness.

How do I express my gratitude to God for the many gifts he has given to me? Do I need to grow in gratitude? Do I need to grow in my service of others.

Holy Spirit, help me to see the importance of serving others and sharing the gifts I have been given as a sign of my gratitude to God.