1 Jn 3: 22 -– 4: 6 St John reminds us that it is our duty to make Christ present to the world ‘in our flesh,’ that is, in our lived experience of life. It is not just a duty but a privilege to do this and the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council remind us that we should be more worried about how we respond to this call to live fully the Christian life than the salvation of those around us. Why? Simply because if we live the fullness of the Christian life, this will draw others to both desire and then to follow the way of life we express.

Holy Spirit, yours is the power to help us live the fullness of the Christian life! Grant me the grace to be open to your strength today so that I will truly manifest the goodness of God in all that I do.

Mt 4: 12-17. 23-25 Jesus knows that his time has come – it is time for him to begin to proclaim the Good News to all. There are moments of grace in all of our lives. These are moments when we can grasp the grace being offered to us or we can miss it. Sometimes the grace comes only once and if it is missed it is missed forever. I hate to think of the multitude of lost opportunities due to sin. Let us resolve to not add to this number.

Holy Spirit, grant me the gift of true discernment that I may always know when God is offering me grace to bring new realities into my life.