Gn 6:5-8; 7:1-5.10    The story of Noah and the flood indicates to us the widespread nature of sin across the face of the earth. I wonder if we are modern day Noahs? I wonder if there is any modern day Noahs? I am certain that there is a lot of sin in the world! The question is, “Are we offering a counter-cultural example to the life of sin?” Are you and I giving witness to the possibility of a life of righteousness and love in the midst of all the corrupt practices of sin around us? Do we stand out as beacons of righteousness for others to follow?
Jesus, you call us to be holy if we are to call ourselves your disciples. Thank you for this call. Help me to use the grace that you give me to be faithful to it.
Mk 8:14-21     When Jesus refers to the ‘yeast of the Pharisees and Herod’ He is not referring to their businesses of selling the ingredients that make bread! He is referring to the way that certain sins have crept into the lives of these people and become ‘a part of the lives.’ We must be careful that we do not become so familiar with any particular sin that it begins to act like leaven in our lives. Once the bread is baked it is impossible to separate the leaven from it.
Jesus, help me with your grace to deny any sin the opportunity to become as leaven in my life. Help me to allow your grace and truth to be the leaven of my life.