We all have an experience of change.  We live in a fast-paced world that is becoming busier and busier each day.  There’s no sense of permanence, even when it comes to relationships.  Our friendships do not get to that intimate part because before we could open up to the other one of us moved already to another city or another country.  We cannot even keep up with the newest model of mobile phones or computer around and how much more be kept abreast of the newest technological development.  Things change a lot these days and sometimes we feel dazed because a part of us is created for permanence.  There’s no place for commitment that last when there’s no permanence.  This is a reason why change is not only dazing.  It is also hurting.  Our lifestyle as moderns leave in its wake a string of broken hearts and strained relationships.  God wants to speak to this situation even if sometimes we wonder whether his word or his very existence is relevant to the multi-tasked, cyber-powered, audio-visually stimulated world.  In our reading for today, God addresses the greatest change of all:  the end of the world.  The world will indeed pass—nothing is constant but in this passing we could trust God.  He promises us that his words could be counted on to last and to speak even to our modern situation.  He knows that his word will find relevance and a home in us because he created us with eternity within our hearts.  We have deep longings that can only be filled by God and our fast-paced changing world is actually a symptom for a need for depth, a need for intimacy—in other words—a need for spirituality.  We need to be filled in by something greater and bigger than we are that we are frantically casting aside those things that don’t meet the requirement.  Of course, we cast off a lot of things and change is inevitable because deep down the modern’s heart, s/he is searching for God. In the end one thing will last, his words.  In the uncertainty of your life today, trust him.  Commit your life to him and you will not be undaunted by the changes around you.  His love remains.  Unfailing. Unchanging.  Unchangeable.  Br. Noel

Father, there seems to be too much movement around me; too much change.  In the midst of it all, I ask you to be the only constant in my life.  Let me know the truth that I could trust your word and your promise because it remains and it will sustain me.

What’s the area of your life where there’s too much going on or too much change?  Ask God to particularly speak to this area of your life.