1 Cor 2: 1-5 The Gospel is not reliant upon us for its power and thanks be to God for that! It has its own inherent power due to the fact that it is the Word of God unto our salvation. Paul knows that it is not the preacher’s job to give the Gospel power, just a voice. The Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of all people to receive the Gospel; the truth of the Gospel will speak for itself; and then it is up to the individual to act upon the word as it is proclaimed.

Jesus, help me to be a faithful servant of the Word of God. Let me always trust in its power and thus realize that all I have to do is share it with others – the Holy Spirit will do the rest!

Lk 4: 16-30. Jesus places his ministry very clearly within the context of Messianic Longing. This text from Isaiah is full of hope in the coming of the Messiah and all that the people believed would come with him. We, too, need to take on this attitude of hope but this time in the Second Coming of Jesus by trusting in the present day empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Jesus doe not shrink from the importance of his role; rather, he puts it front and center so to speak. This is where the Gospel should be in our lives everyday.

Jesus, you did not shirk your responsibility to proclaim the Gospel; you made it the focus of your ministry. Help me to do the same in my life.