Very often when the bible talks about holiness, it uses the image of gold being refined in a fire. It is important to understand this image if we are to understand how God is going to work with us.

The traditional way of refining Gold is very similar to the modern process. You take a lump of rock which has some gold in it, and place it in a fire. Gold has a low melting point, so the Gold will melt while all of the other elements will stay solid. The person in charge of refining the gold will then scrape off the impurities and set the gold on fire again. Once more, impurities float to the surface and they are removed. This process is repeated until you can see your face reflected in the molten gold.

This is how God works with us. He uses the trials and sufferings of life to melt us. It is in these times when we are stretched to our limit that all of the impurities in our heart float to the surface. We are then able to have them removed through seeking the mercy and healing of God. This process will be repeated throughout your life until Jesus can see his own face reflected in your life.

What this means is that the difficult and ugly parts of life are very important. Seeing your sin rise to the surface is part of the journey of becoming a saint, as long as you allow Jesus to heal you with his mercy.