One of the most striking aspects of the resurrection account in John’s Gospel is its seeming naturalness. That is, John seems to assume that all that he is reporting is what we all expected to be the case anyway! Perhaps this is an indication of the depth of John’s faith and the shallowness of my own; whatever the case, it is clear that in John’s mind the resurrection of Jesus was to be expected.

It is important that we grasp this truth as it is the foundation of a greater truth that lies at the basis of our lives. What I am referring to here is the principle that tells us that the grace of God builds on nature. This means that any work that God does in our lives is rooted first in who we are as His creation, meaning that the foundation for a life of faith is already there within us and all we have to do is open it up to the grace of the holy Spirit and allow God to do what He wants to do in our lives. This openness to the Holy Spirit does not come without effort on our part – effort directed to blocking out the lies of the sin, flesh and the devil and opening ourselves to the truths that God reveals to us.

All of this means that as we reflect upon the resurrection and how it is at the heart of our faith that we should also recognize that perhaps faith is not something that is as foreign to our character as we might initially think that it is in reality. Sometimes our experience of life in the world is not as helpful to us as we may like. In order to be true to our faith calling, we sometimes have to realize that we need to look at our experiences with eyes of faith and not just eyes of the world. In other words, it could be said that our faith gives an added dimension to our lives that helps us to see the fuller truth that comes with the revelation of God offers us. The challenge that then remains is to not just recognize that this is true but to act upon it when we reflect upon the meaning of life and are making decisions in this regard.

Let us all pray that we will be able to meet the resurrected Jesus in the midst of our busy lives and draw strength and hope from this experience.

Do I really believe that God wants to reveal himself to me in order that I will grow in faith and knowledge of Him?

Holy Spirit, your work is not yet finished in my life, in fact it could be said that it has only just begun! Grant me the grace and privilege of knowing the power of the Risen Jesus in my faith and love for Him will increase.