O what a glorious day it will be when Jesus comes again! Paul assures us that at that time there will be no doubt in anybody’s mind about the identity of Jesus. All will bow done to worship Him as King and Lord of ALL. Until then we have a different image of our Savior that will reign supreme. It is the image of Him hanging on the cross for our salvation that sticks in our mind. Hopefully the empty tomb and the Risen Jesus are also there to remind us of His and our future glory!

The crucified Jesus reminds us daily of the need to repent of our sins. It reminds of our need for humility and obedience in order to imitate the life of Jesus. It reminds us of the need to suffer quietly with our eyes fixed on Jesus so that our sufferings will be vicariously joined with His sufferings. The early Church hymn that Paul quotes in today’s first reading is full of imagery of the life of Christ. It gives us great insight into the spirituality of the Early Church when some of the members of the Church who had physically been with Jesus in His ministry, were still alive to contribute to its formation. This hymn thus provides a wealth of substance to meditate upon for the rest of our lives!

I am reminded of one of the greatest thinkers that the Church has ever known, St Thomas Aquinas. His theology and spirituality were such that he is known as the Angelic Doctor! Yet at the end of his life he virtually despaired of all he had written when he looked at all his writings etc and said, “All of this is straw!” In these words we can realize that there is an infinite of wealth to be discovered in the Scriptures about God. We will never be able to fully capture or synthesize the essence of God no matter how brilliant our minds may be!

The task that ever remains before us is to depth ourselves in the mystery of the person of Christ and live this to the best of our ability. We will not approach the level of holiness of Christ, but we can aspire to such greatness. Anything less would be to sell ourselves short of the end for which God has created us. St Augustine, another Doctor of the Church, affirms that God created us for Himself. That is, we are to live united with Him forever. Our sin takes us away from God, but by surrendering our lives to His will, the salvation of Christ can restore us to God’s presence once again!

How deep is my belief and hope in the promise of eternal life with God? Do I think and pray about this often?

Lord Jesus, you are the only way to the Father. You are the hope of the just and the comforter of the afflicted. Encourage me when I am close to despair and strengthen me when I feel weak. Grant me the grace to embrace the cross and to arrive at the glory of the resurrection in the life to come.