Heb 2: 5-12 In comparison to God, mankind is next to nothing. Yet, at the same time, we are the pinnacle of creation! Go and work that out! God’s love always has an element of mystery attached to it thus placing it beyond our full understanding. This is just as well as if we thought we could fully understand it, perhaps we would become more arrogant than we actually are!

Jesus, help me to open my heart to the reality of God’s love for me. Help me to live in its light and share my experiences with others.

Mk 1: 21-28 Immediately after calling his apostles Jesus begins performing miracles. Mark wants to put everything before his reader so that they can clearly understand the identity of Jesus. This is important to the structure of his Gospel where the identity of Jesus as Messiah is seemingly hidden from the characters in the Gospel. Mark’s idea of faith is it makes visible the invisible things of God. Faith is a way of knowing but not an empirical one. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to grow in our faith.

Holy Spirit, help me to believe. Help me to deepen my faith. Help me to grow in my trust in your will.