When we look at how love works, there are two things that seem to be universal. Firstly, Love seeks to be known. When you fall in love with someone you have a desperate desire to make this love known to the other person. This desire seems to go beyond all reason to the point where you sometimes can’t control yourself. Even if you are not allowed to tell this person that you love them, you will find yourself making it known in all sorts of indirect ways.

Once love becomes known, we find that the second element of love comes in to play: Love seeks union. As soon as someone speaks to us of their love, there is an inherent understanding that that love wants to seek union with us. This is why people find it threatening to be told that they are loved. This knowledge always leads somewhere, and sometimes people are not willing to go to that place.

If you look at the bible, you can see this same dynamic playing out. The Old Testament is God seeking to make his love known. Once this love is spoken clearly, it is only natural that this love would seek union with us. This is the story of the New testament where God comes among us for the one purpose of being united with us.

Instead of seeing the bible as a collection of ‘good moral teachings’, we need to see this as a story of God’s passionate love desiring union with us. This changes the whole vision, that our response is not to just obey or follow, but to respond to this invitation of love and allow God to enter our lives in a whole new way.