It is often said that language is culture. If you destroy a language, you also destroy the culture and the sense of identity that comes with it. Unfortunately there have been many countries that have consciously tried to destroy languages in their desire to colonise countries and have control over them.

As Christians, it is important to realise that the same dynamic affects us. The natural language of humanity is worship. We were created for worship, and it was through worship that Adam and Eve knew their true identity. When our first parents turned away from God, they not only sinned, but they began to lose their original language. As a result, humanity has forgotten its identity.

This is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit: to give us once again the spirit of worship.  Our mother-tongue has become so foreign to us that we need to be taught how to praise. In this sense, the church is not just holding prayer meetings, it is actually holding language classes where it seeks to restore to people their language, their culture and their true identity. The reason why worship can often be such hard work is because it is clashing against the false identity that has been so much a part of our life. This is why we need to constantly open ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Without this grace, we simply can not become what we were meant to be in the beginning.