The question with which Peter responds to Jesus’ own question regarding what is the decision of the apostles, to stay or leave, is one that we would do well to ponder every time we think about abandoning our faith for anything else. It is the most sobering of all questions as the answer is frighteningly stark – if Jesus is not the answer, then God help us, if there is a God! To abandon faith in Christ is really to abandon the understanding that there is a God because if Jesus, the one sent by the Father to redeem humanity is not worthy of being followed and obeyed, it is impossible to conceive of a better option!

Yes, people reject belief in God all the time these days but I tend to think that a lot of them are rejecting a particularly;y concept of God they have constructed that is not worthy of belief in the first place! To have full knowledge of God and who he is and what he offers us and then reject him, is virtually inconceivable to me! There are people who seem to walk this path as well, but they are very few and their salvation is in grave doubt! It is not a path to be recommended to or by anyone.

Peter’s answer tells us that deep down he, and the other disciples, have realised that there is something in their faith in Jesus that has become irrefutable to them and they are willing to stake their lives on it! And they will as the opportunity for martyrdom arise in all of their lives except John. It is at this point we capture something of the essence of faith in that it is a relationship with a living person, God. It is not an abstract concept, nor is it an optional extra for our lives. There is something essential in our faith to our humanity and until we discover it personally there will always be a type of restlessness within. It is quite easy to see this restlessness within the lives of so-called atheists; how I wish it were just as easy to be able to reveal it to them and showe them the solution.

What part does faith play in my life? Have I really given over everything I am to my faith response to God or do I still seek to control certain aspects of my life?

Father, you have created us to be in relationship with you; therefore, it is obvious that we will be restless until we respond in faith to your love.