2 Kgs 2:1.6-14            Is Elisha hungry for the power of Elijah in asking for a double portion of his grace? I do not think so. What I read into Elisha’s request is a desire to serve in the same way he has witnessed Elijah doing. We see in the attitude of Elijah what should be there in all mentors, namely the desire that their disciple will exceed them in holiness and stature. As long as Elisha’s heart remains good the extra power he gains should be used for good purposes.

Lord, help me to monitor the motivations of my heart when I am in your service. The challenge for me is to ensure that I direct all the glory to you and do not bask in it myself. Help me to see that this is for my own protection.

Mt 6:1-6.16-18            Holiness is not measured by what other people see in you but by what the Lord himself knows is in you. We can make things look very good from the outside with all the right signs and practices, however, if our inward motivation is not there or it is wrong then all the outward show means precisely nothing in terms of true holiness. Jesus reminds us that it is not enough to know what we should do and how we should live, we have to actually do it!

Father in heaven, you call me to grow in holiness every day. Help me to identify the areas in my life that need greater conversion in order to progress in this calling.