While there may be a place for signs in the life of faith, I do not think that it should be a big one. Jesus makes it quite clear to those asking for a sign that they will not be receiving one! Why is this so? One answer to this question is that there have already been a plethora of signs indicating that Jesus is the Messiah and what good will one more do if they are going to reject the numerous ones already received?


Looking for signs, for me is the sign of an infant faith. A far more healthy way of going about discernment is to move cautiously forward and test the waters so to speak. What I mean is that if continues to be possible to move forward in what you think and have discerned to your best ability to be God’s will, then that is the sign that you are on the right path. If the way forward becomes hopelessly blocked then you may consider that that path is not the one that God wants you to take. On the other hand, to wait around for a sign or signs from God before you do anything could result in nothing ever happening because what is there to say that having received one sign you are not going to ask for a confirming one and so on ad infinitum?


I believe that God has a way of showing us that we are moving according to His will or not without us having to rely upon signs before we act. The Church teachings and the Scriptures as well as the vast wisdom available to us in the men and women who have been following God’s will in their lives for many years ought to be enough in 99.99% of the cases to give us a good idea if a particular course of action is the one God wants us to take or not!


To my knowledge we do not see Jesus asking for signs when discerning His next move. Yes, there are events that seem to initiate a new urgency in His ministry such as the arrest and death of John the Baptist, but he never asks for a sign before embarking on any aspect of His ministry.


How mature have I grown in my faith? Am I willing to move forward in what I believe to be God’s will without undue procrastination?


Holy Spirit, help me to discern the will of God so that I can put it into action without delay.