It is always an amazing thing to look up at the night sky and see the stars. It is astounding to think that these stars are always above us 24 hours a day. But we can only see the beauty of these lights when the rest of the world is dark. We are able to see the whole world by the light of the sun, but we are blind to the world beyond us unless we enter into the darkness.

This image can help us understand the mystery of our faith. We are called to believe in things that can not be seen with the human eye, things that can only be seen when we are not blinded by the glories of this world. So often stories are told about people who come to believe in God only after they have been hit by some sort of crisis. Perhaps it is just at the moment when the bright lights of success and hope have gone out from their life and they have been shrouded in darkness that they are able to see a reality that is beyond earth.

This can also help us to understand the call of the scriptures to step away from the love of the world which can blind us to the things of faith. As long as we are blinded by the constant sensory stimulation and entertainment of this world, we will struggle to see the reality that is above us. This is why St Paul tells us in the letter to the Colossians, to set out minds on things above and not on earthy things. So never be afraid of the darkness that may come over your life, because it is at those times that you will be able to see the stars most clearly.