I can remember receiving one report card in high school where my dad sat me down and it was very clear that he was not happy. There were a number of teachers who said that I was not as well-behaved as I should have been and so I thought I was about to get a lecture on respect and ‘being a good boy.’ However, I was wrong! He was not happy about the bad behavior but he was even more unhappy about something else that one of the teachers wrote. In effect she had written that I was not living up to the potential I had as regards the quality of work I was submitting. It was this that had really gained the ire of my father!


Jesus addresses a similar sort of thing in today’s parable. We have all been blessed with talents and gifts from God and we should be putting them to good use. Admittedly, we cannot use all of the gifts all of the time so we have to be sensibly when assessing ourselves in this regard. However, this is not an excuse to sit back and be lazy about using our gifts. God gives us our gifts for a particular purpose; it is our responsibility to both discover that purpose and to put them into action.


The dynamic of blessings building upon blessings is very biblical. The more that God sees us using our gifts well, the more he will be inclined to add to them. If we are not using them well then there is very little likelihood that will be blessed with more and every likelihood that even what we have will be taken away and given to someone who will put them to good use! To he who has much (and is using them well), more will be given and to he who has little (and is not using them at all), even what he has will be taken away.


Let us pray that we will never be in the latter category, and if we are, we have only ourselves to blame.


Holy Spirit, help me to be faithful to all of the gifts and blessings that God has given me. Teach me how to express my gratitude in the best way possible through the full and proper use of all the gifts given to me.