Eph 4:7-16


The above heading describes the central principle of discipleship. It is the example that Christ has given us to follow. It sounds as though it should be easy to do, but for all who have set themselves this task they have found it much easier to say and understand than to put into practice!


The thing that makes it so difficult is temptation and sin. This is the constant struggle of the disciple, namely to reject temptation and sin and embrace the will of God for our lives. The times when we fail to do this should not discourage us. We need to get up and get on with life, repent of our sin and set our eyes back on the goal and move forward. The Reading tells us that the goal of life is to “grow in every way into the head who is Christ;” furthermore, the way this happens is that ‘living the truth in love’ allows the body and all its parts to be strengthened and come together in unity and love.


Each Christian has to decide to make these principles his or her own if they want to progress in the life of holiness. Once the decision is made putting it into practice is the daily task of Christian living. We should draw courage and strength from the example of Christ who constantly had to make decisions in order to remain faithful to his Father’s will. Discipleship was not an easy decision for Jesus and nor will it be an easy one for any one of us. The example of Jesus is illustrative of the truth that if something is worth pursuing then it is worth the effort needed to reach the goal. It is only the witness of individual Christian lives that will demonstrate to the world that Christian discipleship is indeed a lifestyle worth the effort and energy.


The world today is in dire need of examples of the lives of men and women who will witness to the truth of the Gospel in love. Let us be willing to take up this call.


How well do I put the above principle into action in my life?


Lord Jesus, help me by your grace to love others in all that I do. Let my life become a living example of the Christian Gospel in action.