The description that Jesus gives of His communion with the Father in today’s Gospel is one that indicates to us the possible depth of our own relationship with God. Jesus has come form the Father and now He returns to the Father. This speaks to us of the unity of Father and Son in mind and heart. And when we consider that everything Jesus did on earth was done at the bidding of His Father, we again realise how closely the two of them relate together.

When I meditate upon the closeness of Jesus and the Father’s relationship I find myself wishing that I were more a part of it than I am. I find myself longing to drop everything that I am doing and focus my entire attention and efforts on entering more deeply into the love of the Father and the Son. However, this desire is misled as the more I am obedient to God’s will – that is, the more I do what He wants me to do, the deeper I will enter into relationship with Him.

Jesus’ relationship with His Father is not static. His mind and heart are constantly being directed by the Father’s will. Jesus is always doing something! He is doing His Father’s will all of the time. Likewise, the Father is not inactive either. The Father is constantly reaching out to His Son in love calling forth from Him that response of loving obedience that brings about our salvation. We too are called to enter into such a relationship with the Father. We are called to join our wills with His and to allow His will to guide and direct our lives in His ways of love.

We are called to follow Jesus wherever He might lead us trusting that it will always be on a journey towards eternal life. This is the heart of what it means to be called into communion with God. The fact that it is communion with God will mean that when we reach such a place of grace and surrender, it will not feel as though we are doing anything. Our lives, being one with God will be animated and empowered by His Spirit. – a Spirit of Love.

Communion with God is the goal of our existence. Do I spend much time thinking about and praying for this grace or am I too busy with all of my other commitments? Are they really more important than communion with the Lord?

Father in Heaven, open my heart and mind to the full possibility of all that you offer me in relationship with you. Thank you for your love. Help me to receive it and to respond to it each day.