Acts 11: 19-26 The persecution of the Early Church caused the believers to scatter far and wide. This becomes a blessing in disguise because it means that the Gospel is carried to more and more cities and peoples. The work of the Holy Spirit becomes an imperative, that is, his role of preparing people to receive the Gospel becomes important as more and more areas are opened up to the preaching of the apostles and their followers.

Jesus, help me to see your grace at work in my life so that I will know when an opportunity arises to share the Good News with others. Keep me alert to all the possibilities to share the Good News with the world.

Jn 10: 22-30 Jesus has already told them that he is the Christ, if not in words then by his deeds! Similarly, we should not see the proclamation of the Gospel simply in terms of spreading the word of the Good News of salvation, but in our living it as well! In fact, the lived proclamation of the Gospel probably speaks louder than words as it is so much easier to say something than to live it! Let us pray for the grace to live the Gospel we proclaim on a daily basis.

Holy Spirit, grant me the grace and strength to be able to live the Gospel to the full and to never compromise its essential message of salvation through the forgiveness of our sins.