I do believe that God desires that we live an abundant life.  And like all good things, an abundant life is a life that is shared.  In our Eucharist, we see Jesus as the Bread of life being broken for us and in the breaking of the Bread, we see the Eucharistic specie multiplied.  Whenever we live our lives for others, we experience a breaking.  We also experience a multiplying.  The parable in our gospel today offers a sad example how we can keep our lives, our talents and our gifts to our selves and hide them out of fear.  By becoming hidden, they become useless.  We are challenged not do that.  We are challenged to give of our selves.  It is important to see that the servant who kept his share of talents has done so out of fear.  This is what prevents most of us from fully giving to the Lord.  We entertain a certain fear that if we give and we serve, it would hurt us and people or even God would demand for us and we would end up miserable and in pain.  But true giving though it hurts is also life giving and the God who calls us to serve him is not demanding.  He is not interested in what we have.  He is interested in us and he knows that if we would give of our selves, we would be blessed in return.  Another fear that people have when it comes to serving is that they fear they don’t have anything to give.  They see all these talented people around and they feel little before them.  They see the need but they feel so inadequate.  These people need to be assured that they don’t need much because little becomes a lot when it is in God’s hands.  When God calls us to serve, it is never about us or about our strength or courage but it is about our surrender. It is about us giving what little we have so that he could show his glory out of our weakness and inadequacies.  We need not fear our inadequacies and brokenness because once they are yielded to God, they are the ones the qualify us to serve.  Hiding what God has given us is ingratitude. By fearing that we would be inadequate, we are saying that God is not able to provide for us and through us.  Serving involves trust that God would supply what we lack. We would see that as we give of our selves, we would see our love and our trust grow.  Unless we step out in faith and take a risk in service, we would not see miracles.  Unless we stop hiding our talents and gifts, we would not be able to see God refine them, purify them and use them for upbuilding his people.  Let us risk.  Let us trust.  Let us not hide what the Lord has done for us.

Father, little becomes a lot when it is in your hands.  I give my life to you and I thank you for the gifts you’ve given me. I return them to you.  Use them for your glory.  Amen.

What are the gifts your are hiding?  Consider how God is calling you to serve through your gifting.