For those early risers out there you would appreciate the morning- it’s a wonderful part of the day when dawn is breaking forth and the first rays of the sun catch the tall trees glistening after the night moisture. If ever I am up at that time I do appreciate these times of glory of God. We all know the power of the sun to illumine the day, the soft light of the moon at night. Scripture is flooded with these two images of darkness and light.
The light overshadows the darkness and that is precisely what happens when Jesus the Son of God is in town! Even the demons shudder as they are exposed to the brilliant light of the Son. They scream and call out, knowing that their reign of darkness has been conquered in the light of Jesus’ coming. Jesus speaks in the power of light and acts in the light. All that comes to him is exposed by the light of day.
The image of darkness and light is also within. Anyone who sins lives in the darkness. Anyone who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus in obedience and faith will always have the light of life. We need to be constantly vigilant in prayer, sacraments, reading and spiritual direction in order to remain in the light. It is a good thing every day to examine our conscience to develop a discerning between darkness and light – to see what spirit is operating at our lives, good or bad. To Jesus we owe our lives who has delivered us from the darkness of sin and transferred us to the Kingdom of light.

What are those areas of darkness in our lives? Expose them to the Lord for healing and grace overcome the darkness that can reign

Lord, you are brilliant light to a world in darkness. You are the Son who has rays of mercy and love. Illumine and enlighten me with the power of your Holy Spirit. May I always live s a child of the light? Amen