The image of light and darkness as contrasting powers or paths in life is a very strong one in the Scriptures. Today we are exhorted to “have our lamps lit” in preparation for the arrival of the bridegroom. What might this mean? Perhaps we can interpret it as a call to ensure that we are ready for the arrival of Jesus in our lives whenever he might choose to come? I am not sure what the scholars come up with on this text but let us go with this interpretation.

As disciples of Jesus, each of us is obliged to be listening for the call of God on our lives. That is, we should be seeking to discern how, when and where God is calling us to serve in his Kingdom. This is not some sort of minor commitment that we are being called to make! Our lives are at stake here! God is calling each of us to a lifetime in his service. Do you know what your role in his plan is? I tend to think that there are very few people these days who honestly place their life before God and tell him to ‘write the script.’ More often than not we decide on a career and then we fit God in around that commitment.

I am not saying that this is wrong as such but perhaps such a position limits the ability of God to get the fullest faith commitment from you that he might have been able to get if he, God, had been consulted fully regarding one’s life commitment. It is not an easy thing to put one’s life at the disposal of God. My experience in following the call of priesthood has been a constant series of challenges where I have had to choose between placing my will or God’s will to the fore. I am a sinner and I will freely tell you that I have not always succeeded in keeping God’s will the priority, hence the sin in my life. However, I think all of us need to look more closely at the place we give to the voice of God in the discernment of life’s direction.

When was the last time I consulted God about the direction my career or studies are going? Do I think it is time to do so now?

Holy Spirit, I know in my head, but it is very difficult to move the truth to my heart that whatever God’s will is for me, that is the best thing for me to do. Help me to surrender my life to his will today and tomorrow and tomorrow and …