Jesus is THE light of the world. Each of us is called to be little lights that shine and point the way to THE light. This call may not be as easy as it first sounds. There are times when it is easy, but there are also going to be many testing times when it will be difficult for us to fulfil our task of being lights to the world.

For John the Baptist, the call to be a light shining in the darkness to prepare the way for Jesus, will eventually cost him his life! He will have his head cut off by a weak and jealous Herod who is not strong enough to resist the temptation to rid himself of his outspoken opponent.

Perhaps we too will be forced to make a stand one day that will cost us – maybe money, friends or even our own lives! It probably will not come down to the latter however, it will eventually come down to the other two and more besides! There is a cost involved in following Jesus, and the cost can be high. However, the results of giving all for Jesus and the Gospel ALWAYS far outweigh the costs involved! Jesus always makes sure of this.

One of the biggest temptations for us will be the temptation to mediocrity. If we give into it and begin to compromise the truth of the Gospel – if we begin to give way to the agenda of the world – we will find that the value of the witness of our lives will be lessened in proportion to the level of compromise in our lives. This is a terrible tragedy and consequently one of the greatest hindrances to the successful proclamation of the Gospel.

It is easy to speak about what we should do and the way in which we should live our lives as Christians. It is a totally different reality to actually live this vision of life to the full.

What areas of my life have embraced compromises to the thinking of the world? Am I willing to get rid of this compromise in my life? How will I do this?

Holy Spirit, you lead me into all truth. You reveal to me the will of God for my life. Help me to be a faithful Christian whose life witnesses to the fullness of the truth of the Gospel.