We might think it weird that some people who had met Jesus in his ministry were unable to recognize him even though they walked and talked with him for some kilometers! Perhaps this story is illustrative of experiences in our own lives? Are there times when you have been struggling through an episode in your life and it was only at the end that you realized that God had been with you through it all?


Whatever we might feel about the presence of God with us as we struggle we need to believe that God is with us. Some times he will be easy to see, but there may be times when we have difficulty recognizing him. Perhaps this ought to be motivation enough for us to get to know God better so that we will be better able to find him in the midst of our messy lives! There is no doubt in my mind that this has been good motivation for me to come to prayer daily and to read the Scriptures regularly. It is only natural if we have not met someone for an extended period of time that we might not recognize him or her when we next meet. Perhaps this is why when our loved ones are far from us we ring them or text them or write to them or email them regularly to ‘keep in touch.’


This is the very object of prayer and reading the Scriptures – to keep us in touch and deepen our knowledge and experience of God. If we are serious about being his disciple, then we will be serious about being faithful to prayer and all of the other mundane and regular aspects of our relationship with God. It is when Jesus started to explain the Scriptures that the men recognized him. This tells us that we will be most likely to meet Jesus when we are faithful to these simple tasks of our faith. It is this sort of faithfulness that will be the basis and foundation of our lives as disciples of Jesus. It is prayer and knowledge of the Scriptures that stand us in good stead for every experience that life will throw at us.


When was the last time I spent more than just a few minutes in prayer? How can I be more faithful to setting aside time for prayer and reading the Word of God regularly?


Jesus, you regularly took time out to spend it in prayer with your Father. Help me to grow in faithfulness in my commitment to prayer.