One of the greatest lessons we learn from the lives of the martyrs is that our faith is worth protecting to the point that we should be willing to give our lives for it! Satan is always looking for ways to snatch and steal from us the many gifts that God has given to us. If we are not awake and alert to his machinations; if we are lazy and fail to guard our faith and blessings well, we will wake up one morning and find them all gone!

Faith is the most precious gift we are given after life itself. We all recognize how fragile the gift of life is; how easily life is snuffed our through carelessness and neglect – the same is true of our faith. The only way to really protect the gift of faith is to exercise it regularly by praying, studying the Word of God and living our faith as witnesses to the Good News of salvation. If we are faithful in these small things – none of them is that costly to us – we will find that our faith strengthens and we become more and more sure of the place and role of God in our lives.

One of the difficulties in the life of discipleship is convincing ourselves that the cost we pay to follow Jesus are worth it! Perhaps one way to help us with this is to try to consider what life would be like without faith. What would it be like to not believe in God and to live our lives with that understanding as the foundation of all that we do and say? I think life would be pretty empty! However, reflection upobn such a reality will pale into insignificance if one considers the question of eternity. If there is no God, then when you die, that is it! There is no eternal life to look forward to. The most productive thing you do is become fertilizer for the plants to grow! This is not a very attractive prospect.

The parable today invites us to build our lives upon faith in God and to provide a fertile place for his word and will to grow in our lives. Let us pray that we will choose sensibly and do as the Lord invites us.

Have I ever reflected upon the possibility that God does not exist? Can I make sense of life if this were the case? Morality has no basis unless there is an ultimate good!

Lord Jesus, help me to realize that my freedom is curtailed by the existence of truth and it is this truth that comes from you that provides the framework for a healthy and fulfilling life.