We live in a world of instant this and instant that. In fact, we tend to think that something that cannot be delivered immediately is either not worth the effort or broken in one way or another! How wrong we are if we give in to this sort of analysis, particularly when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately, many youth of today have absorbed this sort of philosophy and even apply it to their relationships due to the poor example so often provided by the modern heroes of the world, the film, music and sports stars of today. As Christians we need to work against this ‘instant solution’ sort of society by laying strong and lasting foundations for our faith communities so that they will weather the storms of emotion and difficulties that come our way.

Paul spent a year building the community of faith in Antioch and the same is true for many of the communities he founded. There are too many supposedly Christian Churches sprouting up here and there with very little foundation to them other than the founder cannot seem to get along with one of the leaders in his previous Church. I find it very difficult to see how such a reality can be claimed to be a ‘work of the Holy Spirit’ as the Spirit is a Spirit of unity, not division! The greater challenge, and the one that will bear infinitely more fruit, is found in working through difficulties to build a stronger and more lasting foundation to the original community. This is what the Catholic Church has done and she still endures 2000 years later, as strong as ever!

The biggest problem with the proliferation of Christian Churches is the scandal of division it witnesses to others. It also makes it much easier for the devil to overcome the work of these Churches as they are already divided and so conquering them is child’s play to him. The only way for us to combat this problem is to work for the unity of all Christians such that we can all return to the one foundation, Christ and all that he wills for his Church.

How can I help in laying a stronger foundation for my faith community in the Church?  How are we as a community offering service to the wider Catholic Church?

Jesus, you are the rock, the cornerstone upon which the Church is built. Help me to focus and build my life upon you and thus be a part of the Church you desire and started 2000 years ago.