As a student I loved mathematics. Even today I will read mathematical books for the pleasure of doing so – I will even work at mathematical problems for the fun of the challenge. It is a weird sort of reality that when you are a mathematician it is the simplest proof of a theorem that appeals to you the most. It would seem that something that is complicated and difficult would be more appealing but it is not. Apart from the fact that a simple proof will be more readily understood by the many, it is simply more beautiful than something complicate and difficult to understand. The greatest writers use a minimum of words to convey their ideas; it is much easier to write a 2000 word essay on a given topic than a 500 word one as you have to use your words more carefully and precisely.

Having said that read through the proclamations of the Gospel that Peter and Paul and the other apostles make in the Acts of the Apostles. They are all the more remarkable and powerful because of their simplicity and clarity of ideas. What homilies, if any, do you remember well? I am sure they will have been quite short and with a limited number of ideas in them. In this way our minds are not confused by a whole lot of irrelevant detail. As we seek to live our faith to the full let us try to give a description of it in as few words as possible, yet not leaving out anything essential to its meaning. If we can do this well we will always be able to share the Gospel or our testimony with others when the opportunity arises.

Like it or not this is our responsibility as Christians! Through our baptism we are called to be witnesses of Christ, witnesses to His love for us and to the offer of forgiveness for our sins. If we who have received these things are not able to share them well, who will proclaim the Gospel to those who have never heard it?

Let us set aside some time over the next few weeks to work out what our testimony of faith is so as top prepare to share it when God asks us to.

Father, you sent your Son, Jesus to redeem us form our lives of sin. Thank you for the gift of new life in Him and help me to live it every day of my life.