There is no doubt about it that we prefer to walk upon broad and well lit streets than the narrow and winding ones. There is something about a narrow street that seems to repel us. Maybe it is the closeness with which everything seems to be pressing in from around you. I do not know, but I do know I like the wide and open path rather than the narrow and constricted one!


Jesus tells us that the path to perdition is wide and spacious and the one to salvation is narrow. Maybe it is time for me to reassess my priorities and begin to like a different sort of path! I do not think that this is the intention of Jesus. What Jesus wants to impress upon us is that the easy way in life will often lead us into trouble and that it is better to confront the difficulties we are going to face up front rather than allow them to sneak around behind us and creep up on us from behind our backs.


Simply put, I suppose Jesus is warning us not to expect an easy life if we are going to live the life of a disciple to the full. The options that the world places before us are many and varied and it seems that life will be much simpler and easier if we go down that path. However, where will that path ultimately end? There is no point taking the path that does not go uphill if our destination is the top of the hill. The path may be a lot easier to traverse but it is NEVER going to get us to the desired destination.


This is the key point we have to consider, namely where do we want to finish, not just the ease of our travel. If we desire to finish at the point of eternal life then Jesus tells us that whether you like it or not, the road traveling there will be difficult and narrow. There is nothing that we can do about this except brace ourselves for the journey and get on with it! There is no point stopping to complain that it is difficult. If you really want to reach a particular goal you have to be prepared to pay the price to get there no matter what it is. This is what it means to enter into a discipleship relationship with Jesus.


What sort of a road is my faith walking upon at the moment? Am I truly facing the issues I need to address in my life or am I taking the easy way out for the moment?


Holy Spirit, help me to stay on the narrow road of salvation. No matter how hard it gets to travel upon this road, grant me the grace to overcome all the obstacles that I meet. Help me to overcome them in the name of Jesus and for the sake of my salvation.