I cannot really image what it would be like to be blind. Having had sight all my life it would be a terribly debilitating experience to lose it and have to learn to rely upon a guide dog or a stick and my ears ‘to hear my way through life’ now that I am no longer able to see. But this is not the case, I have eyes and I use them every day. However, the question I would like to ask each one of us is, “Are we using our eyes to guide ourselves to the Kingdom of God or are they fixated upon the things of this world?” What do I mean by this?

We live in a world where the advertising industry wields enormous power over us through the images and ideas it portrays in the various different forms of media. Many of the internet services of which we avail ourselves are kept cheap for our use because companies are willing to pay high premiums to have their products appear as advertisements on the sites we visit. No company will spend money in this manner unless they think it is worth it! Therefore, their research and statistics must be telling them that they are selling more of their products because of this advertising.

I wonder whether you or I are allowing our eyes, and through the medium of our eyes our hearts and minds, to be caught up in the spirit of our secular materialistic world. It does not take long for us to be caught up in the never-ending process of having to have the next gadget the world is offering us – to upgrade our cell phone to the next model, our laptop to a bigger hard drive, our i-pod to one that has more songs and more features. Is this how God wants us to use our precious resources? Is this a responsible use of our resources? Will this use of our resources bear proportional fruit for the Kingdom of God?  Only you and the Holy Spirit can answer these questions.

The Gospel tells us that the eye is the lamp of the body. That is, it is through our eyes that a lot of images will enter our minds and hearts. Therefore, we must be careful to discern whether or not these images are good for us or deserve our attention. It is not that the products of our modern world are evil, the critical question is whether or not we really need them or should be spending our time and efforts pursuing such things?

How balanced is my life in terms of the way I spend my time, resources and energies in pursuing the things of the world in comparison with the things of the Kingdom of God?

Father, I want to live my life according to your will. Help me to organize my life so that I make your Kingdom the number one priority.